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Overcoming Operational Hurdles
Addressing bookkeeping challenges, inaccurate tenant ledgers, and workflow inefficiencies for enhanced performance.

Enhancing Data Accuracy and Efficiency
Transitioning from Excel reliance to a streamlined system for improved data tracking, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Optimizing Payment Processes
Automating payment collection to save time, increase productivity, and pave the way for business growth.

In the fast-paced world of property management, staying ahead requires embracing technology to optimize processes and drive growth. Our client, a dynamic property management company, recognized the need for technological advancements to overcome challenges in their operations. We will explore how the 247 Property Management, with support from BAS, successfully transformed their workflow, achieved remarkable efficiency gains, and experienced substantial business growth.

Before collaborating with BAS, 247 faced several operational hurdles that hindered their progress. The management team grappled with bookkeeping, inaccurate tenant ledgers, and inefficiencies in their workflow. Previous reliance on Excel for data tracking led to imbalances and errors, and collecting payments from tenants involved tedious manual processes. These challenges consumed valuable time and strained resources, impacting the client’s overall productivity and potential for expansion.

Recognizing the need to embrace technology and streamline their operations, 247 took decisive action. With guidance from BAS, they embarked on a journey of technology adoption and process enhancement. They proactively implemented the Yardi property management software to rectify data entry issues, eliminate inconsistencies, and improve accuracy. Additionally, the client embraced RentCafe, enabling tenants to make payments online effortlessly.

Embracing Technology and Streamlining Operations
247 took action to leverage technology and enhance their operational efficiency with guidance from BAS.

Enhancing Data Accuracy and Efficiency with Yardi Property Management Software
247 implemented Yardi software to address data entry issues, eliminate inconsistencies, and improve operational accuracy.

Seamless Online Payments and Comprehensive Financial Insights
247 utilized RentCafe to facilitate online payments and optimized owner statements to provide comprehensive financial insights for better decision-making.

Results & Insights

247’s proactive approach to technology adoption and process enhancement yielded remarkable results across their business. Revenue growth and time savings became prominent metrics, enabling the client to expand their property portfolio significantly. With increased revenue and more free time, stress levels decreased, allowing the client to concentrate on essential day-to-day tasks and employee management.

Client-Driven Impact

247’s commitment to embracing technology and collaborating with BAS had a profound impact on various aspects of their business. By taking the lead in ramping up technology adoption, they actively reduced the onboarding time, achieving optimization within six months. Revenue growth became a tangible outcome, directly impacting their bottom line. Moreover, enhanced productivity spread across multiple teams as streamlined processes and workflows improved collaboration and efficiency. The client experienced increased enrollment in RentCafe, resulting in a greater number of tenants making online payments and improved overall account management.

Client Empowerment

247 proactively prioritized enhancing their technology infrastructure, effectively leveraging Yardi and RentCafe to overcome operational challenges. By adopting a client-driven approach, they took charge of their business growth and positioned themselves as technology leaders in the property management industry. This empowerment allowed them to optimize efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and unlock their true business potential.

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