Use a Robot for Accounting
AR, AP, Bank Reconciliation & More

Delegate the busy, annoying tasks to a robot.

Bank Reconciliation

Automate your
reconciliations with
accounting robots


Just click approve and the
bot does the rest

Data Entry

Save time, reduce errors
and be more efficient with
our data entry bot

How it work photo

How it Works

  • Walk the team through your process, step by step
  • Record the steps via screen record
  • BAS creates a decision tree and builds the bot
  • Provide logins and the bot will begin working around the clock

Problem & Solution

Most of the work you do in accounting is repetitive and boring. It’s easy to make mistakes and just not fun. Our bots can plug into any software system. With customizable user rules, built in validation and testing protocols, the BAS Accounting Bot can handle those mundane annoying tasks allowing you more time to be productive or simply enjoy yourself.

Problem and solution
Open ended

Open Ended

Anything a human can do, our bots can do. If you have a need not listed, please reach out and speak with us. Our robots can take care of most work flows stemming from implementations and data migration to simple AP/ AR tasks.