McSherry Property Management, a prominent player in Northeast Philadelphia’s property management scene, recognized the need to elevate their digital presence in a competitive market. Partnering with BAS, they embarked on a journey to revamp their online strategies, focusing on SEO, website redesign, and digital lead generation.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions:

Declining Online Traffic and Leads:

  • Challenge: McSherry faced a significant drop in website traffic after COVID and a decrease in both the quantity and quality of leads from listing sites.
  • Innovative Solution: BAS took over inbound marketing, focusing on rebuilding the website with an emphasis on content and SEO, and managing Google Ads and other marketing efforts.

Content Strategy and SEO Optimization:

  • Challenge: The need to improve visibility in search results for city-specific keywords.
  • Innovative Solution: BAS implemented a robust content strategy, including regular blog posts, and optimized SEO to improve rankings.

Impact of BAS Partnership:

Lead Generation and Quality:

  • A significant increase from 5 to 25 inbound leads per month, many of which included large unit counts.
  • Enhanced lead quality, contributing to more substantial business opportunities.

SEO and Digital Presence:

  • Achieved significant SEO improvements within 9 months, a shorter period than the typical 6 months to a year.
  • Improved rankings on search pages for numerous city-specific keywords.

Website and Online Advertising:

  • The website was successfully rebuilt in about a month, with a clear focus on user experience and SEO.
  • Google Ads campaigns were optimized in approximately 45 days, contributing to improved online visibility.

Results & Insights:

  • Quantifiable Growth in Leads: The transformation led by BAS resulted in McSherry receiving leads almost every business day
  • Enhanced Digital Footprint: Moving from back-page obscurity to prominent visibility, McSherry’s non-branded traffic increased significantly, reflecting a successful digital turnaround.

McSherry Property Management’s partnership demonstrates the power of targeted digital strategies in transforming online presence and lead generation. This case shows how focused digital efforts can yield substantial results in the real estate and property management industry.