Narrow Road Group, a leader in the real estate industry, launched a strategic initiative to improve its financial management systems. Seeing the opportunity to make operations smoother and more transparent, the company aimed to refine its financial processes and improve its internal and external financial reporting.


Narrow Road Group faced the challenge of taking their current start-up financial systems to new heights of efficiency and accuracy. They wanted to optimize financial reporting and streamline property-level operations to stay competitive in a fast-changing industry. This proactive approach was crucial in maintaining investor confidence and ensuring transparent financial management.


Narrow Road Group’s approach to enhancing their financial processes was multi-faceted and comprehensive:

  • Systematic Financial Process Development
    The company undertook a structured approach to refine and enhance their financial processes, ensuring robust and efficient financial management.
  • Detailed Financial Reporting
    A specialized team developed detailed financial statements and income statements, emphasizing accuracy and clarity in every financial activity.
  • Investor Engagement
    An experienced investor with deep insights into the company was brought on board, providing pivotal guidance for the strategic financial restructuring.
  • Efficiency in Lending and Refinancing Processes
    The group focused on optimizing their lending and refinancing processes, aligning them with industry best practices.
  • Implementation of Blue Moon Leasing Automation
    Adopting Blue Moon leasing automation significantly improved property management functions, streamlining operations and enhancing accuracy.
  • Automated Accounts Payable Process
    Transitioning to an automated system for managing accounts payable reduced manual intervention and boosted operational efficiency and turnaround time.


The strategic financial enhancement led by Narrow Road Group yielded impressive results:

  • Improved Financial Accuracy and Transparency
    The revamped financial processes significantly heightened the accuracy and transparency of financial reporting, reinforcing investor confidence.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    Automation and process optimization freed up valuable time, estimated at around 40 hours per month, allowing the team to focus on strategic growth and operational improvements.
  • Bolstered Investor Confidence
    The strategic involvement of investors in the restructuring process and the subsequent positive outcomes further strengthened investor trust in Narrow Road Group’s capabilities and vision.
  • Reduced Time on Lender Requests
    The team now spends 10-12 hours per quarter on requests from lenders, a significant reduction from the previous time spent.
  • Timely Vendor Payments
    Vendor payments time cycle improved 50%, ensuring better relationships and operational flow.
  • Efficient Financial Preparation
    The company significantly reduced the time taken to prepare financials, which previously took weeks, enhancing decision-making speed and confidence.
  • Clean and Reliable Financial Data
    Narrow Road Group achieved a thorough cleanup of their financial numbers, resulting in much higher confidence in their financial reports.
  • Rapid Turnaround
    The comprehensive improvements turned the financial processes around in just a couple of quarters, showcasing the effectiveness of the initiatives.


Narrow Road Group’s initiative to enhance their financial management systems is a testament to their commitment to operational excellence and financial transparency. By proactively upgrading their processes and integrating advanced technologies, the company not only strengthened its financial operations but also reinforced its reputation as a leader in the real estate industry.