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Accurate Financial Records
Dealing with disarray in their books, where a mix of issues made accounting and bookkeeping a challenge. Previous accounting companies failed to provide adequate help, resulting in messy financial records.

Audits and Individual Goals
Ensuring the company is audit-ready and addressing the time-consuming tasks that impede the ability to answer owner questions and dispatch proceeds.

Transitioning to Familiar Tech
Adopting and integrating with Appfolio software, and reaping the benefits of its features such as online payments, screening, partner stack integration, and more.

Financial Cleanup and Goal Alignment

Netgain, always proactive about maintaining top-tier financial operations, identified areas for further optimization, especially in harnessing the full potential of platforms like AppFolio. Recognizing the mutual benefits of collaboration, they teamed up with BAS to capitalize on BAS’s vast expertise, aiming to jointly elevate the standards of property management.

Within a year of collaboration, BAS has made significant progress in tidying up the financial records. The client can now confidently answer owner queries, dispatch owner proceeds, and is poised to be audit-ready by year-end.

Integration with Appfolio
Embracing Appfolio simplified many of the client’s processes. The familiarity of BAS with this software expedited its advantages, such as online payments and other integrated functionalities.

Boosted Efficiency and Time-Savings
The client has recorded a significant 12 hours per week in time saved. This newfound efficiency has also led to the addition of 3 new properties to their portfolio.

Results & Insights

The client achieved remarkable strides in their operational efficiency and precision in financial reporting:

Time and Accuracy
Immense improvement in the accuracy of financial data and a considerable time-saving in managing properties and owner needs.

Impact on Business
The financial and accounting sides of the business witnessed the most significant transformation, freeing up time for focusing on essential owner-related tasks.

Tech Benefits
Using Appfolio has revolutionized the client’s operations, with features like online payments and partner stack integration boosting efficiency.

  • 12 hours saved weekly
  • Addition of 3 properties
  • Full confidence in financial statements
  • Increased enrollments in online services

Netgain, one year into the partnership with BAS, is optimistic about the end-of-year results. The emphasis remains on achieving full confidence in their financials, ensuring they remain audit-ready, and continuing to leverage the power of Appfolio for optimal results.

Benefits to Partnering with BAS
Collaborating with BAS has enabled the client to revamp their financial operations, achieve enhanced accuracy, and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks.

Downloadable Version Here