Are you looking for a lucrative career that’s high in demand? Look no further than property management. 

Keeping up with rental properties and screening tenants can be a handful, but at the end of the day, it’s a rewarding handful if you can find the right property management clients. 

If you’re still a new business, it can be difficult to get your name out there. You have to rely on social media marketing and Facebook groups. 

You could also try teaming up with other companies in your area, or dare we say it, cold call potential clients. 

These are only a few ways that you can attempt to get your foot in the door. Check out this guide to learn more. 

Team Up 

When it comes to finding property management leads, brand recognition is key. If you’re a new company, you don’t have a lot of that going on quite yet. 

The good news is that there is an easy way to get your brand name around. Team up with other well-known businesses in your area that attracts the same clientele as you’re trying to attract. Plumbers and contractors are great options to start with. 

Use Your Social Media Account

If you’re not on social media yet, now is a good time to start. You can attract new clients by posting daily updates. 

Make sure that your posts are visually appealing. Videos attract people as long as you do minor edits. If you go overboard with filters, it can turn clients off. 

People also enjoy content that’s relevant to them. So, a post that’s full of tips for property owners would do pretty well. 

As far as figuring out what platform to use, you may have to do a bit of experimenting. Post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If after a few weeks, you realize that most of your potential clients are on Instagram, continue posting there and stop using the others as much.  


LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows professionals to network with each other. When property owners and investors start their search for property management companies, LinkedIn is one of the first places they turn to. 

Set up a clean and professional-looking LinkedIn profile. Like with your regular social media account, you’ll want to post on this platform semi-regularly. 

Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to generate landlord leads by joining a group. There are many real estate-related ones.

This marketing option takes some time because of the heavy amount of competition. These communities are flooded by other property managers like you, so it can be difficult to stand out. 

The key is to join heated discussions and answer questions that pop up. This shows potential clients that you’re an expert in your field. 

Update Your Website

Building a website is an essential part of property manager marketing. However, building your site is only half the battle.

You have to keep it updated as well. Your site needs to be responsive and easy to navigate. 

Since so many people browse the web on their phones, your site should also be mobile-friendly. Consider including a blog that’s full of helpful advice for property owners and investors, and don’t forget to work on your SEO strategy


Referrals are a huge source when it comes to leads because there are so many different ones you can collect. The first one is client referrals. These come from past landlords and investors who loved your work and can’t wait to tell everyone else about you. 

The next source is family and friends. While you won’t get these as frequently as you will client referrals, they’re still important. Let your loved ones in on what you do and tell them to send people your way if they run into anyone who needs your services. 

The last type of referral source is real estate agent referrals. Since their job overlaps with yours so much, it’s a good idea to reach out to local agents. 

When they sell a property, they might be willing to send their client your way. This is especially true if you offer them a referral fee. 

Offer Special Deals

Many property managers make the mistake of only offering deals and promotions to their current clients. They forget that potential clients like free stuff as well. 

This being said, consider offering the first month or two of your services for free or at least half off. It may cause you to take a small financial hit at first, but once you start bringing in fresh leads, you’ll recoup the costs. 

Cold Calling 

Cold calling can be a scary thought. The last thing you want is to be hung up on before you can give your pitch. 

The good news is that in your line of work, you’re mostly going to be dealing with other professionals. There aren’t many people who are going to hang up on you or yell at you. 

If that thought doesn’t make you feel any better, consider hiring an assistant to handle the calls for you.

Get More Property Management Clients Today

One of the hardest parts of becoming a successful property manager is generating leads. You’ve got to be active on social media and network with other professionals in your area. 

It’s also a good idea to offer special deals, and as frightening as it is, sometimes cold calling is a necessity. 

You’ll also need a professional-looking website that draws new property management clients in. We can help you out with that! Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business. 

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