Currently valued at around $2.9 billion, the property management software market is currently on the rise. It’s expected to grow at a rate of around 4.8% annually between 2021 and 2028.

Because of the market competition, it’s critical that your property management company has a firm grasp of the best technology in the industry. Yardi Voyager training can ensure that you and your team have access to top-notch features while managing online property portfolios.

But what is Yardi Voyager? What does the training entail and why is it important?

Read on to answer these questions and to get the most comprehensive Yardi Voyager training guide on the web.

What Is Yardi Voyager?

Yardi Voyager is a higher-end alternative to Yardi Breeze. Breeze is a simple property management platform that works for both residential and commercial needs. It works well for some applications but does not have as many features as Voyager does.

Yardi Voyager is an industry-leading platform for specialty enterprises. Unlike Breeze, it’s meant for management companies with a lot of custom needs. It includes specialty market options rather than only generic ones.

Both technologies include online marketing, leasing, rent collection, accounting, reporting, and maintenance tracking. These basic features are critical for all property managers. However, it isn’t always enough.

Some high-level features of Yardi Voyager include:

  • Automated lease administration
  • Lease management
  • Lease renewal workflows
  • Integrated accounting
  • Payment processing
  • Tenant maintenance requests
  • Rent control, deferment, and tracking
  • Both corporate and property websites
  • Invoice approval and processing
  • Customizable financial statements

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Yardi Voyager offers a wide range of features for tech-savvy property managers looking to increase their site functionality and sign on more tenants.

But how can you use this software appropriately? Yardi Voyager training classes can help you understand the ins and outs of the platform.

What Does Yardi Voyager Training Entail?

Yardi Voyager training works hand in hand with several other aspects of property management training.

You’ll learn general accounting, accounts receivables and deliverables, online leasing, and more. You also will learn how to apply your Yardi Voyager platform to these applications.

Think of Yardi as an instrument that allows you to easily access and manage aspects of your property management. You need to learn how to use the background tool so that you can actually apply the knowledge you have about managing your properties online.

Look at the Yardi Voyager Training Manual

The Yardi Voyager training manual offers all of the content you need for basic software use. While it doesn’t include the tips that let you optimize Voyager, it provides a foundation for your property management firm.

You can access this manual online prior to beginning your training. However, you also can sign up for our training courses prior to perusing the manual. Experts can tell you what parts to focus on and answer any questions that you have about the text.

What Can Professional Training Teach You?

Professional training with Balanced Asset Solutions is a must-have for all property management experts. You don’t undergo this training alone. We offer group training options in which we showcase Voyager’s vital functions to every member of your team.

This training lasts for a month and gives everyone a broad understanding of the technology. Our experts are knowledgeable about all Yardi technologies and will teach you how to maximize the effectiveness of the software. Other training courses may specialize in the basics of the software, but BAS goes far more in-depth.

There are also many different Yardi Voyager training tracks that we offer. Some employees on your team may need to start with the basics while others are ready for more advanced learning. There are also options where people in specific roles within your firm get trained in how to use Voyager for their individual applications.

Rewatch and Review

All of BAS’s Yardi Voyager courses are recorded and given to you for safekeeping. You can access these materials later and look over them at your own pace. This ensures that you won’t forget what you learned during a training session and struggle to optimize your software experience.

Training packets provide another way that you can review your previous lessons. These packets are given to everyone in the training and are essentially cheat sheets. People can use them to improve their understanding of Voyager as they’re using it in real-time.

Virtual Reality eLearning

One of the best tools for learning Voyager is the VR platform offered to trainees. This is even more interactive than Yardi Voyager training videos, which you should also be using.

Learners get the opportunity to step into the role that they take in their property management firm. They can then navigate the process of making a unit ready for tenants to move in. This means practicing the actual paperwork, inspecting the unit, and creating and completing work orders.

All of these things are to be completed within Yardi Voyager. You also will have the chance to update the unit from this platform. The easy-to-navigate interface lets trainees get real-world experience with no consequences for mistakes.

Ask your BAS trainer about these VR technologies. They will point you towards them along with your Yardi Voyager training download.

Collaborative Software Training

Because Balanced Asset Solutions offers group training for Yardi Voyager, your entire team will learn how to work together with the software. Everyone will not only understand their designated roles but also those of others.

This allows your staff to have a comprehensive understanding of the technology and their own places within the larger property management scheme.

Knowledge Tests and Assessment

The last large part of Yardi Voyager training is the assessment of what staff members have learned. Our expert trainers at BAS will provide application-based assessments and appropriate feedback. This allows people to understand what they’re doing well and what areas they should improve on when it comes to property management software.

This is useful because it provides a quantitative measurement for learning. It also allows people to receive actionable feedback so that they can better use the software. They can then review old training videos and the printed materials given to them.

Trainers can reassess employee knowledge even after more training. This will check how effective current training measures are so that they can ultimately have higher job performance.

What Are the Benefits of Training?

There are a plethora of benefits to Yardi training. Some of the most important include:

  • Higher levels of employee competence with the technology
  • Greater compliance due to this competence
  • More retention of tasks and actions relating to the software
  • Higher employee confidence and satisfaction
  • Improved performance because of higher job skill confidence
  • More skills to add to current knowledge (and apply to learning yet more skills)
  • Better collaboration between employees because all are on the same page
  • More learning goals and achievements within the workplace
  • Faster employee onboarding since everyone has a firm grasp on what technologies they’re teaching
  • Software training and live instruction for engaging learning
  • Policy and procedure knowledge that spans throughout the workplace (ultimately leading to more efficiency and safety)

As you can see, these benefits are wide-ranging. All departments and individuals within a property management firm will be able to optimize their job performance in multiple different ways. This leads to better all-around performance.

Why BAS?

Balanced Asset Solutions’ training specifically has a wide range of benefits. One factor setting us apart from the competitors is our approach to training. We value goal-driven and result-oriented sessions and are dedicated to pursuing your specific business’s individual needs.

We also have a lot of experience in multiple training areas. We have people on our team who understand property management, accounting, web development, and more. The combination of these forces gives you a cohesive approach to learning.

Get Started

Now that you know the ins and outs of Yardi Voyager training and how it can benefit you, it’s time to get started. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about your property management business or your specific needs.

We’ll help you to discover the best mode of training for you and your team. We also will discuss whether you want to include other training in your package along with Yardi training (such as Appfolio, payables, and receivables training).

Since we’re committed to ensuring that you and your tenants have a positive experience with your online property management system, we look forward to getting in touch.

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