The digital transformation of property management has brought about game-changing technologies, and among the most promising ones is AppFolio Stack™. Offering an array of seamless integrations and robust features, AppFolio Stack™ is redefining how property managers handle their portfolios.

Enhancing Productivity with AppFolio Stack Marketplace

The AppFolio Stack™ Marketplace is a comprehensive platform that combines AppFolio’s user-friendly property management solution with best-in-class proptech partners. This combination provides property managers with a powerful tool that enhances productivity, optimizes workflows, and elevates the resident experience, without compromising on usability.

Intuitive User Experience Meets Powerful Integrations

With AppFolio Stack, powerful integrations are coupled with an intuitive user interface. This ensures that your team’s key workflows run smoothly, helping to boost productivity and streamline operations.

AppFolio Stack is easy to set up and is rigorously tested, backed by a team of integration experts for swift problem resolution. This commitment to seamless integration and support means your team can focus on what truly matters: growing your business.
Single System of Record for Your Business

Single System of Record for Your Business

AppFolio Stack consolidates your data in a secure, centralized system. This allows for complete visibility and enables you to derive actionable insights for agile decision-making. It truly is a single source of truth for your property management business.

Meet the Partners

AppFolio Stack collaborates with several partners, each bringing their specialized solution to the table. Here are some examples:

  • 30 Lines offers a digital marketing hub that optimizes your company website, manages local listings, and handles email marketing.
  • Breezeway automates your operations, coordinating, communicating, and verifying detailed work done at your properties.
  • ButterflyMX offers streamlined access control and enables secure self-guided tours, freeing up your team to focus on closing leases and boosting revenue.
  • CondoCerts and HomeWiseDocs automate and streamline compliance tasks, reducing the manual effort involved in home sale documentation.
  • Conservice provides automated utility management to minimize late fees, streamline expense recovery, meet sustainability goals, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • HappyCo offers efficient workflows to manage property inspections, reduce turn time, and identify operational opportunities.
  • Homebase leverages multifamily access control and integrated smart apartment technology to deliver a seamless experience for prospects and residents.

Embrace the Future of Property Management

AppFolio Stack™ empowers property managers to customize their key workflows to match how their business operates, within a single, easy-to-use platform. Discover how AppFolio can help unlock more potential for your property management operations with a free demo today. You’ll find your new partner in tech, ready to help you win in the property management industry.

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