Move aside, clunky portfolios managed in notebooks and massive file cabinets. Technology has provided the last tool a real estate agent will ever need. And that tool is real estate software.

Real estate software aims to be the platform with which you can manage your relationships from buyers to bankers. It manages all the diverse aspects of your business, whether that be property details or quotes. But if you’ve got your workflow and your methods, why switch over?

In this guide, we hope to convince you that real estate software for property management is the best choice. Keep reading for ten reasons why property management software will improve your business efficiency.

1. Real Estate Software Is Easy to Use

If you’re a bit of a Luddite, the prospect of moving over to any new software might seem terrifying. But when you make the switch to something like Yardi, that’s not a concern. 

As with all things, there will be a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it is guaranteed to improve your workflow. 

The software itself is easy to use with no instructions. You may need to read the manual a bit to use a handful of features. But overall, this will be a painless transition.

2. It’s Cloud-Based

For years, software was license-based and ran from a single operating system. That is, you could only access your real estate software from a single device, and details did not remain online. Thanks to cloud infrastructure, that’s no longer the case.

Cloud computing has a wide range of benefits. The most important of them all is the fact that you can access your software from anywhere, on any device. Whether at home on a desktop computer or out in the field with a phone, you have full Yardi Breeze or Yardi Voyager functionality.

3. It’s Ideal for Collaboration

You and your employees are often working on multiple different properties at the same time. Information is changing rapidly, from collecting rent deposits to tracking maintenance requests. Coordinating such a big mess of information between individuals can lead to miscommunication and hiccups.

That’s all in the past now thanks to cloud computing, as well. Information updates in real-time. When one employee makes a change, everyone else can see it instantly. 

4. Yardi Allows You to Transfer Over Old Information

If you want to transition to Yardi, but you’re using another property management solution, you’ll need to transfer it all over. A transfer can be a scary thing since data can get lost in the process. You can’t afford to lose that precious information.

Yardi makes it easy to transfer all your existing data over in whatever format it may be. That gives you peace of mind that everything will be as it once was–albeit with Yardi’s improved functionality and features.

5. You Can Store Information From Many Different Sources

Your data spans everything from newsletters to customer databases. This makes it hard to have one, centralized location where you can manage it all.

Yardi software puts all your leads and customer information in one place. It makes it easy to access, change, and organize everything to make it work best for you.

6. It Speeds Up Your Workflow

Your workflow is what dictates the speed and efficiency of your business. Having a fast workflow in all the small ways is more important than you think. Tiny changes like using ctrl + c instead of right-clicking copy save you minutes, then hours, over time.

Yardi speeds up your workflow by making things easier and faster. There’s no more wasting time by using multiple clicks to perform rote, monotonous tasks. 

7. It Helps to Better Monitor and Predict Customer Behavior

Having access to all your data in one place has an unexpected benefit: you can apply analytical tools to make forecasts. An important part of property management is crunching numbers to make plans and predictions for the future.

Now that Yardi puts all your info in one place, you can easily perform statistical analysis on any dataset you like.

8. It Has Unparalleled Security

Client data is incredibly sensitive, and data breaches have become rampant in recent years. A leak doesn’t just risk your customers’ sensitive information and your reputation. Data privacy laws could lead to steep penalties for mishandling that information in the first place. 

Yardi keeps your information secure. It uses industry-grade encryption and warns you of potential risks and threats.

9. It Strengthens Your Marketing

Marketing is all about weaving past data into an action plan for future efforts. As mentioned earlier, there’s better control of your data in its various formats. With that control, you can plan a more effective course of action.

You can see which channels have been performing well, and where you need to target your efforts. Yardi doesn’t interfere in the process, allowing you to decide how to proceed.

10. It Can Integrate With Your Website

Your website is often the first point of contact for many clients. It serves as a place to touch base and a source of up-to-date information. With Yardi property management software, you can tie information together.

This means you can set things to update automatically. This automation saves you a lot of time, and your website no longer needs as much care since it’s staying current with the latest info.

Improve Operations With Balance Asset Solutions

Real estate software is a massive upgrade over traditional management solutions. It allows you to have a centralized, easy-to-use source for your data across multiple platforms. This will improve marketing efforts and speed up workflow, all while keeping data safe with industry-strength security.

Balance Asset Solutions is the leader in real estate software and Appfolio solutions. Get in contact today and let us know about the needs of your project.

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