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Manual Accounting Process
Previous excel-based accounting system was prone to errors and duplicate entries, costing SKN valuable time and resources.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Transitioning from Excel reliance to a streamlined system for improved data tracking, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Challenging Breeze Implementation
SKN recognized the need for technological advancement to help streamline their operations and accounting, however, cleanup and implementation was cumbersome.

SKN faced challenges with duplicity and time-consuming accounting processes & manual rental collection before partnering with BAS to integrate Yardi software. BAS helped SKN reach their individual goals by seamlessly integrating Yardi while allowing SKN to continue day-to-day operations. The key metrics that improved included streamlined accounting processes, increased efficiency, and faster responsiveness. By leveraging Yardi and Commercial Cafe, SKN experienced significant time savings, improved productivity, and enhanced financial management.

SKN grappled with a time-consuming manual processes, and the need for seamless integration with Yardi. They required a solution that could address these challenges and deliver operational efficiency, accuracy, and improved productivity. Closing out the books would take almost 2 weeks every month.


The integration process involved seamlessly incorporating Yardi Breeze, a powerful property management software, into SKN’s operations. This integration streamlined their processes, eliminated duplicity, and improved accuracy. Throughout the implementation, BAS provided expert guidance and support, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any challenges that arose. Additionally, SKN leveraged Commercial Cafe, an online platform, to automate rent collection, categorization, and documentation. This automation saved valuable time for the SKN team, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional property management services and improving tenant satisfaction.

Streamlining Operations with Yardi Breeze Integration
Learn how SKN achieved operational efficiency and accuracy by seamlessly integrating Yardi Breeze, reducing duplicity and optimizing workflows.

Guided Transformation
BAS’s expert guidance and support helped SKN navigate the implementation process, ensuring a successful integration.

Boosting Efficiency with Commercial Cafe
SKN utilized Commercial Cafe to automate rent collection and documentation, freeing up time for SKN’s property management team to provide exceptional service and focus on tenant satisfaction.

Results & Insights

SKN drove substantial time and resource savings, allowing their team to focus on delivering exceptional property management services. With the utilization of Commercial Cafe, rent collection, categorization, and documentation became automated, leading to improved tenant satisfaction and streamlined operations. These results have positioned SKN as a leader in the industry, driving revenue growth and solidifying their reputation as a trusted property management company.


The successful integration of Yardi Breeze and utilization of Commercial Cafe have paved the way for continued growth and improved client satisfaction. With streamlined processes and increased automation, SKN is poised to further expand their property portfolio, attract new clients, and deliver exceptional property management services. By leveraging their newfound efficiency, SKN can focus on scaling their business, exploring new opportunities, and staying at the forefront of the evolving property management industry.

Client Empowerment

The partnership between SKN and BAS has led to a significant transformation, empowering SKN to take charge of their property management operations and financial management processes. With the adoption of advanced technology solutions, SKN has gained greater control and autonomy, enabling them to make informed decisions and respond promptly to client inquiries. The newfound empowerment has enhanced transparency and trust, as SKN is now able to provide accurate and timely financial insights to property owners.

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