In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting new features and enhancements that make property management even more streamlined and efficient. From e-signature capabilities and lease management flexibility to advanced reporting and improved mobile functionality, Yardi Breeze Premier offers a range of powerful tools to support your property management needs. Let’s explore the details!

E-Signature Integration:

Yardi Breeze Premier now offers e-signature functionality, allowing for seamless document signing within the platform. Whether it’s leases, renewals, or other essential documents, you can conveniently obtain signatures from tenants or owners without the need for physical paperwork. This feature simplifies the leasing process and enhances efficiency.

RentCafe Integration:

For properties that are live on RentCafe, Yardi Breeze Premier provides enhanced integration capabilities. You can now select different leases for new leases or lease renewals, streamlining the leasing process and ensuring accuracy in lease management. Additionally, lease documents can be signed directly from, the corporate website, or property-specific sites, enhancing convenience for all stakeholders.

Advanced Management Fee Configuration:

With Yardi Breeze Premier, you can create multiple management fee pools, allowing for different management fee percentages to be charged for various income streams within different GL accounts. This feature provides greater flexibility in fee calculation and financial reporting. Additionally, you have the ability to copy and edit GL accounts, eliminating the need to create them from scratch and saving time during setup.

Retail Lease Customization:

Yardi Breeze Premier introduces enhanced flexibility for retail leases. You can now specify the sales year’s end month, sales report frequency, billing frequency, and break point frequency, providing customized lease terms to accommodate unique retail lease requirements. This feature enables more precise financial tracking and management for retail properties.

Bulk Write-Offs and Default Cash Accounts:

Streamlining financial management, Yardi Breeze Premier allows for bulk write-offs of multiple charges from tenants in one action, automatically creating debit charges and $0 receipts to account for the write-offs. Additionally, you can set a default cash account for payables at the property level, improving efficiency and accuracy in financial transactions.

Enhanced Invoice Management:

Yardi Breeze Premier offers expanded invoice management capabilities. You can now export all invoice images to PDF, making it easier to maintain records and include invoice documentation in monthly report packets for owners. The system also detects duplicate invoice numbers for the same vendor, ensuring accurate and reliable financial records.

Customizable Dashboards and Widgets:

To provide a personalized user experience, Yardi Breeze Premier introduces customizable dashboard views. You can tailor your dashboard with new widgets such as expiring leases, open accounts receivable by age, unposted batches by type, rent deferrals, and more. This feature allows you to prioritize the information that matters most to you and enhances your daily property management tasks.

Mobile App Enhancements:

The Yardi Breeze Premier mobile app has undergone improvements, enabling you to email maintenance requests directly from the app. This feature enhances communication and streamlines maintenance management, keeping you connected and productive while on the go.


Yardi Breeze Premier brings a range of powerful features and enhancements designed to simplify property management and optimize operational efficiency. From e-signature integration and advanced management fee configuration to customizable dashboards and improved mobile functionality, Yardi Breeze Premier empowers property managers with the tools they need to streamline processes, enhance tenant satisfaction, and drive success in their property management endeavors. Stay ahead in the industry with Yardi Breeze Premier!

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