AppFolio, a leading property management software, constantly evolves its platform to provide property managers with enhanced features and functionalities. In this blog post, we will explore the latest product release notes from AppFolio, highlighting the exciting updates that streamline property management processes. From improved communication and vendor management to advanced accounting capabilities and enhanced search functionality, AppFolio continues to empower property managers with powerful tools. Let’s dive into the details!

Introducing Confidential Tenant Communication:

AppFolio introduces a new feature that enables Maintenance Technicians to communicate with all tenants without sharing personal phone numbers. By using unique system-generated numbers for each work order, Maintenance Techs can initiate group conversations with tenants. Property managers can easily monitor these conversations through the texting block on the Work Order Details page.

Streamlined Vendor Portal Invitations:

AppFolio simplifies the process of inviting vendors to use the vendor portal. Property managers now have the option to individually invite vendors directly from the vendor page or send bulk invitations through the letters page. This enhancement facilitates efficient vendor onboarding and fosters improved communication and collaboration.

Automatic Correction of Management Fee Overcollections:

With AppFolio’s latest update, management fees can be configured to automatically correct instances of overcollection. For example, if a refund is issued for an application fee after the associated bill has already been posted and paid, the system will make the necessary adjustments automatically. This feature saves time and ensures accurate financial records.

Enhancements to Smart Ensure:

AppFolio enhances its Smart Ensure feature, which verifies tenant insurance policies. Property managers now receive email notifications that include the Smart Scan status and specific reasons for policy invalidation. Additionally, managing insurance compliance becomes more convenient as bulk editing of insurance requirements for multiple units is now supported.

Effortless Generation of Markup and Discount Bills:

In Smart Bill Entry, selecting a vendor with a markup or discount now prompts a checkbox to generate a new bill with the applied markup or discount. Property managers can choose to enable this checkbox by default in the Smart Bill Entry Settings. This improvement streamlines the process of bill generation and ensures accuracy in financial transactions.

Improved Global Search Functionality:

AppFolio introduces several enhancements to its global search experience. Users can now search for Guest Cards directly from the global search bar, eliminating the need to navigate to the Leasing section. The introduction of Search Operators enables quicker and more precise search results. Additionally, vehicle information, including color, make, model, and year, can now be easily searched, providing better visibility for managing parking and permits.

Seamless Integration with Mezo and NetVendor:

AppFolio now integrates with Mezo and NetVendor, bringing additional capabilities for maintenance and vendor management. Mezo offers AI-driven maintenance engagement, simplifying the clarification and verification of maintenance requests while reducing costs and increasing resident satisfaction. NetVendor provides a vendor credential-tracking platform, facilitating efficient onboarding, compliance management, and document tracking. These integrations optimize maintenance operations and enhance vendor management efficiency.

Increased Online Portal Activation Email Reminders:

To encourage timely account activation and engagement, AppFolio has increased the frequency of Online Portal Activation Email Reminders. Users will now receive up to four reminders at specific intervals until their account is activated. This update aims to drive quick adoption and ensure a seamless online portal experience for users.


AppFolio continues to enhance its property management software with valuable updates and features that improve efficiency, communication, and financial management. From streamlined maintenance and vendor management to enhanced search capabilities and improved tenant engagement, AppFolio empowers property managers to provide superior service and drive success in their property management.

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